Gamtropy is a Taiwan-based indie game development team established in 2017 by Ren Chen, Boris Wu, and Jason Lin. We focus on making games that reflect social cultures and trending topics, and we hope that our games will resonate with players in their daily lives.

Our first title, Desertopia, is a relaxing and therapeutic idle simulator. The basic concept of this game comes from our world, Earth. You are here to care for the island and restore its wildlife against environmental pollution.

After Desertopia, We began to focus on people’s interactions on social platforms. Subscribe to My Adventure is an RPG that simulates your daily life on social media platforms. You will become a newbie streamer who defeats enemies in the adventure and please your audience to get subscriptions. You will also experience many contemporary social platform phenomena in the game, such as herd mentality, witch hunts, and echo chambers.

Boris Wu
Jason Lin
Ren Chen
Kim Lin
So Sun

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