Subscribe To My Adventure is an RPG that satirizes the real-world social media experience. As a newly-established livestreaming adventurer in the Kingdom of Ohfly, your task is to hack, slash and stream your way to becoming the biggest social-media sensation of all time, all while keeping the Kingdom safe from the many threats that surround it. EXPERIENCE the lifestyle of an adventurer! BASK in the adoration of your fans! FEEL VAGUELY ANNOYED by everyone in the comments sections! The Kingdom of Ohfly has all the phenomena you cherish in your real-life social networks: clickbait, cancelling, witch-hunts, misinformation, echo chambers, and more. Only now you get to whack it all with a sword!


  • Social media-themed gameplay: Immerse yourself in a story told through social media feeds and DMs, with an interface modeled after real-life social media platforms. DM private messages to characters in the game, share your stories with the public and livestream your adventures to your adoring and not-at-all judgmental fanbase!
  • Multiple paths to victory: Use different tricks to survive your adventures. Defeat your enemies with brute force or enlist the help of your audience by playing to the crowd!
  • Non-linear story options: Don’t let an algorithm put you in a social media bubble – choose one for yourself instead. Join different online factions to see different story branches!
  • Authentic characters: Interact with characters who are reminiscent of real-life social media personalities and commenters, while also being approximately 37% more tolerable!
  • Picture book-style artwork: Explore a world portrayed using a unique and memorable cartoon art style that is STILL more realistic than the average Instagram pic!

When Halbook Talks

When Halbook Talks inherits the breath-taking art style and world of the game. This original new story brings the reader on yet another chapter of adventure!

“Suddenly, my Halbook spoke to me.
And a feeling crept upon me.
That I was alive only when I logged onto Halbook….”


Game Genre:

Release date:
April 30, 2020

Freemium with IAA and IAP


Supported Languages:

Social Media:

Picture Book: – When Halbook Talks – The Legend of the Wise Ohflian Counselor


Ren Chen

Ren Chen
Boris Wu

Ren Chen
Jason Lin
Boris Wu

Art and Animation
Yesyo Yeh
Kim Lin

Music and Audio Design
Marc Lin

Narrative Design
Renio Chen
Ra Hsieh
So Sun

[by Island Nation Translation]
Thomas Huang
Aaron Case
Tom Brooks
Jenna Jarvis

Social Media Management
Ra Hsieh

Selected Articles


  • 2019.03 – The MIX: Asian Game Showcase – Official Selection
  • 2019.05 – BitSummit 7 Spirits – Official Selection
  • 2020.01 – Taipei Game Show – Best Narration – Nominee
  • 2020.01 – Taipei Game Show – Best Mobile Game – Winner
  • 2020.02 – International Mobile Gaming Awards – Nominee
  • 2020 – App Store – Game of the Day
  • 2020 – Google Play – Best Indie Game of 2020